Unless you are participating in a workshop, the device comes unassembled. There are three parts: the printed circuit board with the buttons and the electronics, the display, and the battery holder. To assemble it you will need a soldering iron, wire cutters, solder and two-sided tape. You will also need two AAA 1.5V batteries, a micro-USB cable and a computer with a working USB port.


You start the assembly by attaching and soldering the display. Insert the provided LED matrix into the 16 holes in the middle of the printed circuit board, making sure that the side of the matrix with text on it faces right, towards the two fire buttons. You may need to straighten the pins a little if they bent during the transport.



If you solder the display in the wrong orientation, it will not work correctly. Please make sure the orientation is correct before you start soldering.

Once the matrix is inserted, flip the device up-side-down, make sure that the display aligns flush with the sides (there is a little wiggle room), and solder each of the pins. To do that, touch the tip of a hot soldering iron to the pin and the ring around the hole at the same time, wait a second for them to become hot, and then touch them with the solder wire, melting enough solder to fill the hole.



If you are new to soldering, you can find soldering tutorials on the Internet.

Once all 16 pins of the matrix are soldered, use the wire cutters to cut them flush with the circuit board.


The next step is connecting and attaching the battery holder. First, make sure that the wires of the battery holder go through the holes in the plastic that are furthest apart. If they go through the holes that are close together, you will need to move them back, and thread them through the correct holes. Once you have done that, cut both wires to about 1cm length and remove the insulation from them with the wire cutters (please don’t use your teeth). Twist the strands of each of the wire, so that they are easier to move through the holes in the circuit board. Next, place two-sided tape on the battery holder, and attach it to the circuit board so that the two wires go through the holes marked + and - (make sure the red wire goes to +, and the black one to -). There are two sets of such holes, pick the correct one depending on what order the wires come out of your battery holder.



It is very important to pay attention to the battery polarity, as this device doesn’t have any kind of reverse polarity protection, and coonnecting the batteries in reverse will damage it.

Flip the device to the top side, and use the soldering iron to solder the two wires sticking out of the holes in the circuit board. Be careful to not touch the plastic of the buttons with your iron, as it will melt. Finally, cut the excess wires with your wire cutters. Your device is ready.

Insert two AAA 1.5V batteries into the battery holder, switch it on, and you should see text “snake” scrolling on the display.